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We are now serving breakfast downtown on Saturdays starting at 9am! Come in and see us at 641 Tchoup.

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We know people who know people who know people. Some time ago we figured out that the best way to get the farmhouse cheeses we go crazy for was to find the individuals as enthusiastic about making them as we are about selling them. We’ve built an international network of cheese makers and affineurs who hook us up with the artisan and farmhouse cheeses not found in other shops.

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(504) 899-4737

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**SOLD OUT**Sheep's Milk Cheese {UPTOWN}

A gallon of sheep’s milk has more fat and protein than a gallon of cow or goat milk. Since fat and protein are the building blocks of cheese, cheesemakers say that sheep’s milk is the most natural choice to make cheese out of. Is this why sheep’s milk cheeses are so delicious? Perhaps!

In this class, we will focus on our woolly farm friends and taste some traditionally made sheep’s milk cheeses, paired with delicious beverages.

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