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Richard & Danielle Sutton

Richard and Danielle Sutton’s interest in cheese began as a children when they both, separately, visited Europe with their parents. However, on the way to becoming New Orleans’ premier cheesemongers, they were waylaid into banking and public relations. On a whim, and with Danielle’s fresh British passport in hand, they sold their house in Philadelphia and moved to London in 2002 to see what adventures would find them. What found both of them was Paxton & Whitfield, the over 200-year-old cheese shop in the St. James neighborhood, and supplier of cheese to the royal household and Parliament. And so began Richard and Danielle’s transition from bored banker and PR executive to passionate cheesemongers. Living in London and working at Paxton’s allowed Richard access to the great cheese makers and affineurs of Europe and a wealth of knowledge and training about cheese. In 2006, Richard and Danielle decided to move back to the US and open their own cheese business. Having met in New Orleans while in college at Tulane and having enormous fondness for the city, they decided that this was where they would open the St. James Cheese Company. Despite the challenges of opening a business in post-Katrina New Orleans (and dealing with highly perishable products in a hot and hurricane prone area), St. James Cheese has been welcomed with open arms by the city and has grown a loyal and steady following.


Justin Trosclair

Justin Trosclair is our perpetually cheerful General Manager. He claims to have a cold robot heart, but yet has never been seen frowning… ever. If you do happen to see him frown, please alert management immediately as it means something has gone catastrophically wrong.

Justin likes to say that cheese chose him, and his career path certainly highlights a propensity for fromage. He hails from the Westbank of New Orleans (there is some debate about whether its the best bank). He has served stints as a cheese buyer for Whole Foods and a cheese maker at Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy. Craft beer is the only thing that comes close to matching his love for cheese. The two together are a one-two punch that ignites his most fervent feelings. Justin won the title of top cheesemonger in the nation at the 2013 Cheesemonger Invitational in New York after coming in second the year before.


Jessica DeVay Khalid

Jessica is our super-organized, sunshiny kitchen manager. She is also a charcuterie supergirl. If you haven’t had her pork and game pies or her pate, you have missed out. Jess is a New Orleans native and is one of the most positive people we know. She enjoys eating tacos in a wedding dress and hanging out with her cute husband Omar.


Casey Foote

Casey Foote has enthusiasm for cheese that knows no bounds. He is a man of mystery and reveals little about himself. Here’s what we do know: he’s a Louisiana boy born and raised in Bunkie. He’s lived in Spain and Ireland. He’s shot and directed two short films; the first won a Reel 13 award and the other has made him a household name in Siberia, Macedonia, and Kentucky. You can find Casey waxing rhapsodic about cheese and wine will running our cheese classes.

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We love cheese. No really. It is a bit of an obsession.

Our mission is to provide to our customers a meticulously selected and diverse assortment of perfectly aged artisan cheeses, made using the traditional methods which have stood the test of time.