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Ladies Night: Female Cheese and Wine Makers {Uptown Location} / 7:00

When America finally started to come back around to its roots of locally produced and consumed foodways, in the cheese world it was a generation of women that led the charge. Some of the most important names in American cheese production were founded at this time (Laura Chenel, Cypress Grove being two). We will be honoring these women and showcasing the products that have influenced all American (and many world) cheese makers. Wine also has no less a heritage of fantstic female wine producers and Beth Reinhard will be bringing some of her favorite producers to pair up with our cheese. A grand return to the Matriarchy – Female Cheese and Wine Makers. $35. Uptown Location

Bubblyotheque / 7:00

Our amazing and highly informative Champagne series with Dr. Michael Knisley of Bubblyotheque. If you are a Champagne lover these are the tastings for you and not to be missed under any circumstance. For those who don’t know of Bubblyotheque —
It is undeniable: champagne is perfect for important events and special moments, and just hearing the POP and seeing the bubbles can lift your spirits in an instant. But, when we save it for special occasions, or just drink it for the bubbles without considering the wine they are animating, we miss a great opportunity.The best winemakers in Champagne will tell you “Wine first, Bubbles after.” While that’s a factual statement, it is also part of the philosophy that underlies a veritable Golden Age for the appellation. The region is full of a new generation of vignerons who are thoughtful, dedicated, and tirelessly finding the way forward in a time of climate change, evolving tastes, and demand for wines that clearly show their terroir or sense of place. Bubblyotheque is here to make sure you drink well, have fun, and begin to think of how the wines of Champagne demonstrate an intriguing range of style and complexity. Not only that, there are many that cost far less than mass-produced bottles on the shelves of the Piggly Wiggly and which are approximately a million times more delicious. You just have to understand them as wines first, realize that big name is not equal to best wine, and taste, taste, taste. Oh, and have knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides to show you the way.
This isn’t a cheese pairing but there will be cheese to eat and bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery, the main focus on this is the Champagne and its production. $55
Location Uptown

OCT 20

Octoberfest at St. James {Warehouse District}

Join us for a night of unbridled celebration as we served heaps of German cheeses, house made sausages, excellent beers and fun. Tickets on sale soon!

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