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Italian Cheese and Bubbles (Franciacorta) {Warehouse} / 8:00

When you think Bubbles most people think Champagne, but there are many places that make bubbles (some say better) than Champagne. One of those areas is Franciacorta in Italy’s Lombardy region (in fact it is referred to as the Champagne of Italy). We will be focusing on one winery in particular: Barone Pizzini. At its core importance, Barone Pizzini places its trust in nature first. Silvano Brescianini, Barone Pizzini’s winemaker (and Managing Partner), took over wine making responsibilities in 1994. For Brescianini, vines and wines here are borne out of a central theme: natural farming and transparency of place. The goal of low intervention results in wines defined less by artifice and more by location. Barone Pizzini allows for the narrative of events during the growing season to be observed rather than act as agents of nature.To illuminate Barone Pizzini’s wine making path, the vineyards must be considered foremost. Situated in what has been cited as the best areas of Franciacorta production, the winery’s 47 hectares are divided into 25 parcels across four municipalities including Provaglio d’Iseo, Corte Franca, Adro and Passirano. All are situated at an average of 200 meters above sea level in a complex soil compositional mix of morainic and fluvioglacial deposits from the many epochs of advancing and retreating glaciers.Conventional methods are notably eschewed. Farming practices adhere to natural models that use organic matter to sustain fertility in the soil and natural elements to control parasites. Sensitivity begins with the health of the soil, and extends throughout the entire narrative of events in defense of transparency of the terroir. The cheeses of the Lombardy area are not to be out done either, with such names as Taleggio, Gorgonzola the area is famous already, but in recent years the cheese makers there have begun breaking with tradition and are raising herds of buffalo and many of Italy’s newest cheeses come from here. The magic of this area can’t be touted enough, and many champagne drinkers will have their loyalty tested. $40. (this will be at our Tchoupitoulas location)

All Things Germanic (Germany/Austria/Switzrland/Alsace) {Uptown} / 7:00

When things start to heat up down here we always think about the cool climates of the alps. Germanic cheeses are not always represented well in the U.S. and we are going to be showcasing some of their best. From full flavored alpine styles to wine washed goat cheeses to relatives of the pungent Limburger the Germanic peoples have a cheese history as vast and varied as there Gallic and Italic counterparts but unfortunately less well known. And the wine. Germanic peoples may be more famous for beer but their wines are truly amazing. Mostly light in style and absolutely magical for pairing with food such names as Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Noir. Bellegarde Bakery providing bread. Bitte Baby. $35. (this will be held at the Prytania location)

American Craft Beer Week: Cheese and Beer Extravaganza! w/ NOLA Brewing {Warehouse} / 8pm

We’re gonna pull out all of the beer and cheese pairing stops for this one! What do we mean by Extravaganza? Not quite sure yet… We know NOLA is going to be pouring some awesome beer. And we’re gonna match it up with delicious cheese. What else?! We might crack an 80 lb wheel of Gruyere and give everyone a straight off the block, never been adulterated by the touch of plastic, piece of greatness. We might formulate a new “perfect cheese bite” with some NOLA beer Jelly. We might fill up a squeeze bottle with runny smelly cheese and pass it around at the end of the night. Only way to find out is to join us at STJ CBD. $25 (This will be held at our CBD location 641 Tchoupitoulas)

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