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Young to the Old - Tasting Time's Effect on Cheese {UPTOWN} / 7:00

“Time spent with cheese, is time well spent” -St. James Company Proverb (very ancient)

In this class we will take a delicious adventure through cheeses young to old, starting with fresh curd, and ending at a 15 year cheddar. We will discuss affinage (the art of aging cheese) and how time develops flavor and texture in a wheel of cheese. Paired will be beverages also ascending in age to create a tasty and delicious evening.

St. James Cheese Uptown
5004 Prytania Street

Mixed Milk Cheeses {UPTOWN} / 7:00pm

Why do cheesemakers mix different types of milk to make cheese?
How does mixing milk from different animals affect the production and final flavor of the cheese?
Why are mixed milk cheeses so delicious?

If you want answers to these questions and more, join us for a tasting, comparison, and discussion of mixed milk cheeses, each paired with a delicious beverage of its very own! Cheeses are guaranteed scrumptious, and beverages guaranteed alcoholic!

St. James Cheese Uptown
5004 Prytania Street

A Spring Celebration of Goat Cheese {UPTOWN} / 7:00

It’s easy to forget that farm animals don’t constantly produce milk. A female animal produces milk only when it has a baby to feed. Baby goats, also called kids, are born in the Spring, which means Spring is the natural time for goat milk, and hence, delicious goat milk cheese!

Fresh goat cheese, also known as Chevre, is commonly seen in stores and restaurants. However, any style of cheese can be made out of goat’s milk, including gouda, cheddar, blues, and more. In this class we will skip over the white, fluffy, fresh stuff and explore less common types of goat cheese. As always, there will be booze and laughs, flowing freely.

Location: St James Cheese Uptown
5004 Prytania Street

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