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OCT 22

Zenato Winery (Veneto Italy) (Sold Out) / 7:00

The Zenato winery possesses a strong link to the richness of its local history and culture, and continues to develop this connection today. The estate is based in a territory that surrounds Lake Garda, with an extraordinary microclimate that allows for an optimal growing season. Cherishing a ‘frank and simple’ approach to life, Zenato is committed to producing affordable wine of exceptional quality. Founded in 1960 by Sergio and Carla Zenato, the Zenato winery was originally based on the production of quality wines from an indigenous varietal, Trebbiano di Lugana. Over time, the winery has been passed to Sergio and Carla’s children, who have maintained and expanded upon this vision. Zenato has also explored another important area of Italian wine production — Valpolicella. It is here that they have dedicated endless efforts to the improvement and success of Amarone production, a wine of noble attributes and prestige. Zenato has entered into international markets and received the highest accolades from the wine industry’s leading experts, praise that reflects the way in which the company operates on a daily basis. The winery’s representative Vittorio Marianecci will be presenting these wines along with Chris Noyes of Winebow. We will be paring these truly lovely wines with cheeses from the Veneto and Alto Adige regions of Italy. Bellegarde Bakery will be providing regional breads and Clever & Co. providing region inspired charcuterie. Sold Out

Bellegarde Bakery Bread Class II (bread and beer: The Eucharist and The Immaculate Conception) / 7:00

For the second installment of Graison Gill’s (owner Bellegarde Bakery) study of bread he will be exploring the constant relationship of craft that has existed for thousands of years between bread bakers and brewers, this class will be hosted by NOLA Brewing. Part of an ongoing series sponsored by Bellegarde Bakery and St. James Cheese, we will introduce participants to the principles of bread baking and beer brewing through discussion, demonstration, and tastings. Some of the topics Graison will be touching on are: introducing the basic procedures of brewing and of bread baking; comprehension of the process of fermentation which occurs in breads and beers; conversation about the shared equipment, tools, and ingredients of brewers and bakers; outline of the immense historical precedent of neighborhood bakeries and breweries in New Orleans; investigation of sourdough bread cultures and the varieties of yeast available to both brewers and bakers. This event will be held at NOLA Brewing, Derek Lintern will be discussing the beer side of things with Graison and also providing tasty beer to drink during the event, as well as giving a tour of the brewery. Saint James Cheese and Cleaver & Co. will be providing some tasty things to eat at the event as well. Graision’s classes are extremely informative and interesting, this second installment is not one to be missed. (Again, this event is held at NOLA Brewing 3001 Tchoupitoulas).$25.

The Auvergne / 7:00

This region of France is one of the richest cheese producing areas in the whole country, and that says a lot. Bordered on the east and north by the Loire Valley, Languedoc to the south and Burgundy and the Rhone Valley to the west this is a meeting place for many different styles of cheese. A very volcanic region full of many valleys and pasture land this is a wonderful area for cattle and the variety of cheeses from here is fantastic. Cheeses resembling cheddars (Cantal, Salers, Laguiole) to the famous blues (Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert), Rhone styles (Saint Nectaire) and the full and powerful Gaperon with many other types besides. This isn’t a huge wine producing area and most of the wines made there are consumed there, so we will be featuring wines from the surrounding regions. If you love French cheese this is the tasting for you. Bellegarde Bakery will be providing bread and Cleaver &Co. will be making region inspired charcuterie. $30.

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