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JUL 30

Sicily (sold out) / 7:00

Sicily is an ancient region that people have been fighting over for centuries Greeks, Romans, Arabs, even Normans, and most recently Germans and Americans. Sicilians have also left Italy in droves bringing there food traditions with them. As a result of all this its cheese are know all around world, Mozzarella, Provolone, Ricotta being the most common but we will be show casing many cheese form this area and the surrounding south of Italy that was highly influenced by this land. Sicilian wine has in the past 20 years been recognized as one of the best areas in Italy, with a new generation of winemakers exploiting the volcanic soil and sunny days to its fullest. Chris Noyes of Winebow will be presenting these wonderful wines. Sicily has a long and fantastic history that has left a wonderful culinary tradition for all of us to enjoy in the modern day. SOLD OUT

American Tour / 7:00

Wine expert Michelle Gueydan will be joining us for a tour of the wines and cheeses of these great United States. She will be bringing some of her favorite wines from states as varied as New York, Virginia, Oregon, California and Washington. Saint James will of course be representing the rest of the country with wonderful cheeses and meats. We will have some of this countries greatest products on display, and as always Bellegarde Bakery will be there to supply bread. This will be a great celebration of artisanal american food.

Dan Stein's Beer 101 Southern Beer / 7:00

Nothing beats the heat like a nice cold beer in the depths of august. Dan Stein of Stein’s Deli and Derek Lintern of NOLA Brewing will be holding there beer tasting series with us and they will be featuring southern beers. This will not be a pairing as such, but Saint James will be serving southern cheese and meats to accompany the tasty brews. Dan and Derek’s tastings are always fun and informative and are not to be missed.

Chocolate, Beer and Cheese / 7:00

Cheryl Scripter of Bittersweet Confections, Dan Stein of Stein’s Deli and Derek Lintern of NOLA Brewing as well as us at Saint James Cheese will be holding a fantastic pairing. The Beer will be all NOLA brews including some seasonals as well as one special beer created just for this event. Fantastic Chocolate! Incredible Beer! The Best Cheese in the World! This event will be held at the Brewpub of NOLA Brewing beside the NOLA Brewery on Tuesday the 19th. Chocolate, Cheese and Beer!!! $30

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