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California & Oregon Cheese and Wines (Featuring Susana Partida of Salute Wines) / 7:00

Salute Wine is a wine distibution company founded by the stunning Susana Partida in Dallas. Salute focuses on small boutique wineries from around the U.S. and France, quality over quanitiy. Susana is going to be bringing her favorite wines from her California and Oregon portfolios (in conjunction with Vino Wholesale here in New Orleans). It is always a pleasure to have someone with the amount of wine knowledge as Susana in the shop. On the Cheese front California and Oregon have always been on the forefront of artisinal production in the U.S. In many cases Califrornia cheeses have become standards of syle and production. Oregon for its share has produced some of the U.S.‘s most famous and world recognized blue cheese (Rogue River Blue in particular). Both states have a long (well for U.S. standards) wine history and using these two styles with each state’s unique cheese production will make for some interesting pairings showing the differnt (and similar) cultures of each state. Charcuterie by Cleaver & Co, bread by Bellegarde Bakery. $30

Dan Stein's Beer 101 / 7:00

Cheese. Bread. Beer. Dan Stein. Dan Stein and Derik Lintern (of Stein’s Deli and NOLA Brewing) will be bringing their popular beer 101 series to Saint James. Both Dan and Derik have a fantastic passion and unrivaled knowledge of beer and following them through the many styles and brewing techniques of beer is always a great experience. This will not be a Saint James syle pairing but an exploration of beer, we will provide cheese and bread to snack on along the way though. This is always a fun tasting and fills up fast so don’t delay. We are great lovers of Dan at Saint James and we invite you to come feel Dan’s love with us at Beer 101. $30.

Loire Valley Cheese & Wines / 7:00

The Loire Valley is often refered to as the Garden of France. The Loire is France’s longest river starting in the Ardèche in the Rhône-Alpes and stretching all the way to the Atlantic coast. This vast area covers some of the most productive agriculture (and beautiful) in all of Europe. The portion of this massive valley that is most well known for its cheese production is the area in the center and on its western boundries and what this area is known for is goat cheese, producing types that are now considered the best in the world and dairies from the US to Aulstralia and all points in between seek to copy them. The cheese we will be focusing on will be from this central area but we will also look at other less well known cheese from other parts of the valley. The wine from this area most people think of are the wines closer to the Atlantic coast, known for its crisp fruity whites and light refreshing reds, Noah Bonaparte Pais (Former Sommlier of Herbsaint, food writer for the Gambit and now Wine Distributer for Republic) will be presenting these wines, one of his favorite regions. Light and refreshing cuisine for the hot summer. Charcuterie by Cleaver & Co, and bread by Bellegarde Bakery. $35.

Alto Adige/Südtirol Italy with Tramin Wines / 7:00

The Aldo Adige is a unique area in Italy. The northern most region of Italy often called the Südtirol, it is an area that is mainly germanic in it’s ancestry. The cheeses reflect this in being very similar to the styles of cheese produced in the alps around Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. All this makes for an interesting mix of what people consider traditionaly Italic and what people consider traditionaly Germanic with culinary traditions leaning towards the heavier styles of the north of Europe. Chis Noyes of Winebow will be bringing wines from the winery Tramin, among the northernmost vineyards in Italy, the 620 acres that provide grapes for the Tramin winery are located in Alto Adige, better known to its mostly German-speaking inhabitants as the Südtirol. These vines grow in an exquisite, high-walled glacial valley that protects them from the northern cold and traps the sun’s warmth. The winery itself is located on the Wine Route (Strada di Vino/Weinstrasse) in the commune of Termeno — or Tramin in German — a few miles south of the provincial capital Bolzano (Bozen) and 60 miles from the Austrian border. Approximately 37 acres of Tramin’s vineyards are currently cultivated using organic and biodynamic principles. A very unique and fascinating part of Italy with light refreshing wines and stunning cheeses. Charcuterie by Cleaver & Co, and bread by Bellegarde Bakery. $35.

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Meauxbar Summer Dinner Series

The talented Chef Kristen Essig will create a menu incorporating some of St. James Cheese Company’s favorite artisan cheeses. This is a meal not to be missed! Full bar and optional beverage pairings available. All seating is communal. Call Meauxbar for reservations at 504.569.9979. $45 (942 N. Rampart St.)


Cocktails & Curds: A Cheese and Cocktail Pairing Competition

Cocktails & Curds is back with the best bartenders in the city competing to create the perfect craft cocktail pairing for artisanal cheese. The Southern Food & Beverage Museum will be our host this year. Watch this space for ticket sales to open in September.

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