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Bubblyotheque {Uptown} / 7:00

Champagne is a truly great wine. Wonderful with food, and cheese is no exception. We will be inviting Dr. Micheal Knisley over to our shop to take us through why Champagne is so wonderful and why it pairs so well with foods. This tasting will be heavier on the information, specifically a compairng and contrasting of multiple champagnes with a few cheeses and examining the effect of the cheese on the different levels of the champagne flavor wise and vice versa. Bread by Bellegarde Bakery will be available as well as charcuterie. Bubblyotheque is the creation of Dr. Knisley (you may know of it through his events at Swirl Wines and at Boucherie) and here is the concept in is words:
It is undeniable: champagne is perfect for important events and special moments – just hearing the POP and seeing the bubbles can lift your spirits in an instant. But, when we save it for special occasions, or just drink it for the bubbles without considering the wine they are animating, we miss a great opportunity. The best winemakers in Champagne will tell you “Wine first, Bubbles after.” While that’s a factual statement, it is also part of the philosophy that underlies a veritable Golden Age for the appellation. The region is full of a new generation of vignerons who are thoughtful, dedicated, and tirelessly finding the way forward in a time of climate change, evolving tastes, and demand for wines that clearly show their terroir or sense of place. Tonight, we want you to a) eat and drink well, b) have fun, and c) begin to think of how the wines of Champagne demonstrate an intriguing range of style and complexity. Not only that, there are many that cost far less than mass-produced bottles on the shelves of the Piggly Wiggly and which are approximately a bazillion times more delicious. You just have to understand them as wines first, realize that big name is not (always) equal to best wine, and taste, taste, taste. Oh, and have knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides to show you the way. And that’s where the Bubblyotheque comes in. I’ll be your guide.
Dr. Knisley is extremely knowledgeable and we will be using his knowledge to the fullest, this is for people who love champlage and want to learn more of its magical intricacies and learn more on its pairing principles using cheese as a guideline ,so there will be quite a lot very valuabe information in this tasting. We will be going through 5 champagnes paired up with 2 cheeses and a few other special little things for our pairing excersises. This is very special and not to be missed. $55
5004 Prytania

Charcuterie #2: Iberico Tasting {Uptown} / 7:00

In the world of Charcuterie the word Iberico sets peoples mouths a-water’n. As it should. The Spanish take very special care with the acorn fed, free range, black foot pigs to make a really, really special ham that takes cured meat to the level of heavenly. Our Blessed Lady of Meat Becky Mumaw will take us throught the differnt levels of Iberico (regular Serrano/Fermier/Bellota) and explain there differences and we will be tasting Iberico Lomo and Iberico Lardo as well as have a bone in Iberico served traditional style (sliced off the bone). She will take us through the different levels of acorn feeding and the unique style of curing used. We will have some Spanish cheeses (of course) and some Spanish wines as well. Bellegarde Bakery (as always) providing bread. Pata Negra $40.
5004 Prytania

Pasta Filata or The Pulled Curd {Warehouse District} / 8:00

Pasta Filata is both a process and a style of cheese, it roughly translates in English to pulled curd and sometimes streched curd. The name may be unfamiliar but your are certainly familiar with the cheeses: Mozzarella and Provolone being the two most famous. We will be taking a look at Pasta Filata cheeses with a secondary comparison of cow milk verses buffalo milk cheese too! Mozzarella di Bufala, Caciocavallo Silano, Caciocavallo de Bufala, and Provolone. Since this technique is fairly simple the manager of our downtown location, Brad Daschbach, will be giving an example of how to pull cow milk mozzorella during the tasting giving us a sample of the magic of warm fresh mozzorella. Our Italian wine guru Chris Noyes will be bringing rose wines (some light reds too) from around Italy but with a focus on southern Italy as the majority of these cheeses come from well south of Rome. Come learn how to make mozzorella and drink some rose and celebrate Italy! $35
Warehouse Disctrict
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