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An Offal Dinner for the Curious and Adventurous {Uptown} / 7:00

Join us for dinner at St. James Cheese Uptown as our chef Amber and charcutier Becky prepare a 5 course meal (plus some bites) featuring original, creative dishes using organ meats. Wine and beer will be a la carte, but we will have recommended pairings for each course.
Cost: $50
Uptown location: 5004 Prytania Street, 504-899-4737


Boudin Noir, persimmon mustard, paprika

Beef heart tartare, cured egg yolk, pickled mustard seeds

Bone marrow dumplings, bacon dashi, local mushrooms

Lamb kidneys, roasted beets, onion soubise

Blood ice cream, affogatto, ancho almond biscotti

Sheep's Milk Cheese - More than Manchego {Uptown} / 7:00

In this class, we’re going to take an in depth look at sheep’s milk cheese. What makes it so darn delicious? What countries are producing stunning sheep cheeses? What does it pair with? Why are cheese nerds in love with it? Are sheep really that dumb? What’s a sheep? All those questions and an in depth look at Manchego, one of the more misunderstood cheeses on the market.
Join us for a pairing of 5 cheeses (at least) and 5 interesting beverage pairings (of the alcoholic variety) that will expand your idea of what this small little farm animal is capable. Bonus: 20% off all the featured cheeses after the class!
Location: 5004 Prytania Street, Uptown

Sour Beer (& cheese pairing) with Dan Stein and Dereck Lintern of NOLA Brewing {Uptown} / 7:00

Do you already love sour beer and want to taste it paired against a bunch of delicious cheeses? Do you know a LITTLE about sour beer and want to learn more? Do you know NOTHING about sour beer but want to figure out what all your friends are talking about? Do you know nothing about sour beer and also don’t have any friends that are into sour beer, but are curious about it?
If you fit any of these descriptions, please join us for an in depth look at sour beer with Dan Stein (of Stein’s Deli) and Dereck Lintern (Brewer @ NOLA Brewing Co).

Location 5004 Prytania St, Uptown

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We cannot accommodate last minute additions and walk-ins as we plan seating and food and beverage amounts according to our reservation numbers.

Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate parties larger than 6.

When purchasing tickets, please use the comments section to list friends with whom you would like to sit.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for reservations to receive a refund. We will not issue refunds or credits for ticket purchases for NO SHOWS to the classes.