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Fêtes Champagne-Ardennes / 7:00

Around this time of year (late August early September) the Champagne-Ardennes region of France has a celebration of their cuisine and wine. The most famous of these being champagne itself, Beth Kehn of Republic National Distribution will be bringing her favorites and who doesn’t like having a champagne tasting? We at Saint James will be pairing those bubbles with some of the wonderful cheese of that area, full flavored washed rinds and wonderful members of the brie family are only a few. Bellegarde Bakery will be making region inspired breads and there may be charcuterie as well. These two regions were mainly agrarian for most of their history and supplied foods for the tables of the Parisian rich as well as French Royalty resulting in truly delicious foods. You may not be Royalty but you can eat and drink like it, come and help us celebrate the Champagne-Ardennes Sold Out.

Dan Stein's Beer 101 / 7:00

Dan Stein of Stein’s Deli and Derek Lintern of NOLA Brewing will be bringing there popular Beer 101 tasting series back to Saint James. Dan and Derek usually bring 10 or 11 beers that are the standards for various styles of beer and take us through the way each style is brewed. This is not a pairing but we will be providing cheese and bread to enjoy while Derek and Dan take us through the world of beer. The Classes are very informative and tasty, not to be missed if you are a fan of beer, or if you want to be one. Beer! $25

Bellegarde Bakery Bread Class: Flour 101 / 7:00

Many of you have attended our cheese tastings or have eaten at our shop during regular hours and have had and loved bread from Bellegarde Bakery. Graison Gill, the man behind the bread, is starting a monthly event that aims to do with bread what we at Saint James do with cheese, to inform and show what a truly wonderful thing our respective food can be. We are lucky enough to host his first event. Bread is only a part of what these classes hope to achieve. In Graisons own words – “Perspective is imperative to our daily lives: it’s the way we organize what we see. And what we see is what we believe; how we think dictates what we see….The food industry is portrayed by a very vertical perspective—top down, like an edible pyramid. But, in reality, the industry is balanced, democratic, and extremely horizontal. Whereas restaurants receive an inordinate amount of attention, the people who truly create the food—as opposed to chefs, who alchemize the ingredients—are kept behind closed doors and in muddy fields.” Graison will focus on flour as the subject of his first class. This series is not to be missed. These are not pairings, although cheese and wine/beer will be served. Graison is very passionate and it will be a joy to have him in our shop. These classes are small and seats will be limited so sign up quickly. For more on Bellegarde’s mission check out there web site: bellegardebakery.com $25

Belgium / 7:00

The Belgians love good food and drink. The Belgians say “In France food is a way of life, in Belgium it is an obsession.” The cheeses of Belgium are equally appreciated, though a bit harder to find in this country. The history of Cheese in Belgium goes back to the days of the Celts and in the middle ages the Trappist monks kept cheese production alive and influenced many modern styles of cheese we have today. And of course the importance of Belgium in the world of beer can’t be over stated with some of the best and most influential styles invented there. Cheeses ranging from washed rinds (favored by the monks) to modern day beer cheeses to mild edam type cheeses, not to mention the birth place of the famous Limburger cheese, all are delicious. We will of course be serving beer but, as Belgium was controlled by the Dukes of Burgundy for a considerable amount of time Burgundy wine is still very popular there and we will be serving some of those as well. $30

Slovenian wine Italian Cheese / 7:00

Not a wine region you usually think of? Well, think again. The “Goriška Brda” wine cellar was founded in 1957 as a cooperative and is still completely owned by its members. From its beginnings the wine cellar had a major impact on the economic development of the region and the lifestyle of the local people. The “Goriška Brda” wine cellar manages 1000 hectares of vineyards that spread half-way between the Adriatic and the Alps. On average every winegrower cultivates less than 2 hectares and thus takes care of each vine with devotion, resulting in a superior quality of grapes and wine. One of their leading principles is that quality is created in the vineyard. Located right on the Italian border (and controlled by Italy for quite some time) these wines are heavily influenced by north Italian wine production and taste wonderful with cheeses from the Veneto and Aldo Adige. Slovenia is an up and coming wine producer and this tasting will showcase its Italian roots and the bright future is has. Michael Doerfler will be here as a representative of the winery and will tell us about his wines and Slovenian wine production in general. A very unique area and a fantastic tasting! Slovenia! $30

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