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White Burgundy (Sold Out) / 7:00

In 1522 Erasmus wrote: “O happy Burgundy which merits being called the mother of men since she furnishes from her mammaries such a good milk.” Burgundy is one of those places (which France seems to have so many of) that is a food lovers paradise: Charolais cattle, Dijon mustard, Bourg-en-Bresse chickens and of course wine and cheese. Many monasteries and abbeys have existed in this area since the middle ages and they began a long tradition of cheese making with the beautiful, runny Époisses being the most famous, and the triple cream Delice de Bourgogne being another well known. Wine of course is also made in Burgundy and Morgon Stroud of Purveyor Wines will be bringing a selection of white burgundies to go with our beautiful cheeses. With wines from the areas of: Mâcon, Chablis, Chassagne-Montrachet, Meursault, and Puligny-Montrachet paired with the magnificent Burgundian cheeses not to mention charcuterie by CleAver & Co and bread by Bellegarde Bakery this will be a fantastic tasting. For one night St James Cheese will be on the Côte-d’Or (or at least trying our best to do it justice!) SOLD OUT

Pork and Pinot / 7:00

No cheese in this one. This tasting will showcase the pig in all its glory with charcuterie provided by Cleaver and Co, Continental Provisions and our own chefs at St. James Cheese. Pate! Pork Pie! Salami! Prosciutto! Serrano! The list goes on. Beth Rhinehard will be bringing Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from various regions to pair up with the wonderful pork products. Bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery and there will be some cheese for snacking on, so ALMOST no cheese! The Pig, what a magical animal. The Pinot, what a magical grape. $30

Eastern Europe / 7:00

The countries in eastern europe are often overlookd when it comes to cheese and wine, mainly because of lingering cold war tensions, but many great things are made there. Many of the cheeses are influenced by Greek tradition but with Italian,German,and Turkish influence as well makes for an interesting mix of dairy products many people may not know about. Imports are slowly making there way to the US after the fall of the USSR with Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia leading the dairy way. Wines are a bit more known as Hungry produces Tokaji and Croatia is now becoming well known as a world class wine destination. St James Cheese goes behind the Iron Curtain with Liz Dowty of Vino Wholesale to guide us through wines. Bread by Bellegarde Bakery and Charcuterie by Cleaver and Co. $30

Piedmont Cheese and Wine / 7:00

Northern Italy’s Piedmont region begins at the foothills of the alps and stretches down to vast plains. These are perfect conditions for rasing cattle, and cheese production. The cheeses of Piedmont are a bit different than most of the cheeses of Italy, having been heavily influenced by the French, resulting in cheeses that are generally softer and creamer than most other parts of Italy. The most common types found there are robiolas (small soft cheeses derived from Taleggio) and are often wrapped in various leaves (cabbage,walmut,grape) for protection. Chris Noyes of Winebow will be bringing some of his favorite wines from the area and wonderful wines they, some of the most popular grape types being nebiollo, barbera and dolcetto. Bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery and Charcuterie provided by Cleaver and Co. $35

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We cannot accommodate last minute additions and walk-ins as we plan seating and food and beverage amounts according to our reservation numbers.

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