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Wintertime Blues / 7:00

Winter time got you down? Nothing to pick you up like the Wintertime Blues, blue cheese that is. Blue cheese is one of the cheese worlds most unique and misunderstood food stuffs. Some are pungent and spicy and some are creamy and unctuous but all are delicious. With names like Gorgonzola, Roquefort and Stilton they are some of the world’s most recognizable and popular cheeses. We will be presenting different styles of blue cheese from around the world along with those popular standards. Chris Noyes of Winebow Distribution will be bringing wines that will pair up with these blue wonders, mostly big hearty reds to warm us up during the cold winter night. If you are on the fence about blue cheese this tasting will change your mind and if you are already a fan, then this tasting will be heaven for you. Saint James has the blues for you!! $30.

Rhône Valley / 7:00

The Rhône Valley is situated in a very unique place in France. In the north it is at the foothills of the Alps and flows down to the ocean, so the valley goes from a cool alpine climate to a warm Mediterranean climate. It is also one of our favorite areas of France here at Saint James because of the diversity of cheeses it produces. We will be focusing mainly on the northern most province of the area, the départements of the Rhône-Alpes. Bordered by Switzerland and Italy to the east, Burgundy to the north and Provence to the south there is a nice mix of alpine style cheeses as well as monastery style soft cheeses. We will be focusing on wines from the north of the valley as well which are some of the wine worlds most famous and fantastic wines (Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, Beaujolaise to name a few) that will be presented by Beth Rhinehart of Republic National Distribution. Cleaver and Co. will be providing some charcuterie and Bellegarde Bakery will be providing breads. $35

Loire Valley / 7:00

The Loire is the longest river in France with a length 629 mi, it drains an area of 45,195 sq mi, or more than a fifth of France’s land area. If flows from the southern Auvergne in the south of France to the Bay of Biscay in the north of France. With such a huge land area affected and many different terrains and climates the Loire Valley has an interesting mix of dairy products, but by far the most famous of its dairy stuffs are goat cheese. We will be presenting goats cheeses of different styles from all the different regions of the valley. Soft fresh cheeses to aged cheeses and all in between. Because of the size of the valley there is a lot of variation in the wine styles as well, most famous for its whites (Sancerre, Muscadet) but many other fine reds and sparkling as well, Morgan Shroud of Purveyor Wines will be showing us the wine bounty of this valley. Bellegarde Bakery will be providing bread and Cleaver and Co charcuterie. $30.

Alpine Cheese and Wine / 7:00

Since here in New Orleans our winters aren’t that severe and our snow covered mountains aren’t that scenic we will help our imaginations a little by serving wine and cheese from the Alps. The regions we will be covering are northern Italy, Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and Eastern France. Winter is the season for the cheeses of the alps filling, fatty and fantastic – savory delights like Comté and Gruyère are the most popular but there are many more delicious kinds. Chris Noyes of Winebow will be guiding us through the wine regions of the Alps and Bellegarde Bakery and Cleaver and Co will be providing charcuterie. $30.

Carnevale di Venezia / 7:00

With Mardi Gras on the way we have decided to honor another famous carnival, that of Venice. An area of Italy that blends Italian, Germanic and Eastern European traditions the area has a rich and varied food culture. The wines of this area (featuring the famous amarone) will be brought by Chris Noyes of Winebow. Cheese makers in the province have many different climates to choose from for the production of cheese, from Alpine conditions all the way to coastal plains. Our chef, Jessica DeVay, will also be making some special Italian carnival season pastries and as always Bellegarde Bakery will have some wonderful additions too. Don’t forget the charcuterie from Cleaver and Co and carnival time cocktails. This will be last the tasting of the Carnival season and we will have a break until March so come and get the season well underway with us! $40.

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