Warehouse District
Our new Warehouse District store at 641 Tchoup is open serving our full menu!

upcoming events

FEB 17

Pinot Noir with James Moise at the New Location! (Sold Out) / 8:00

Coming back from the Mardi Gras break we will be having our first tasting at our new location on 641 Tchoupitoulas! We will be featuring the greatest cheese monger in the south James Gentry who is in charge of our Cheese Bar at the new location (think cheese bites prepared sushi style for you) who will be making some specially prepared bites to pair up with Pinot Noir form the portfolio of James Moises. We will have cheese from Oregon and France and James will prepare a perfect bite to match some of James’ wine (Gentry and Moises respectivly). Bellegarde Bakery will be providing bread and Cleaver & Co will be providing charcuterie. This is a great chance to see the new shop and see the talent and skill of the great James Gentry behind the Cheese Bar! Again this tasting will be held at our new location 641 Tchoupitoulas. This shop is different than the uptown location and seating is limited to 35 only for events held there, once sold out there can be no additions at all. Events held at the Tchopitoulas store will start at 8:00. SOLD OUT

South of France / 7:00

Languedoc, Rousillon, Corsica, Provence, (and bits of the Aquitaine, Auvergne and Rhone as well) is well known to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, not just for beaches but also for fantastic food. Volcanic soils and sunny southern climate make for a wonderful blend of cheeses and wines. Dave Sobiesk and Marc Doiron of Artisan wines will be focusing on the costal areas of southern France with the wines, while on the cheese end we will be pulling cheeses from all around the south, where the climate begins to turn more Mediterranian, all the way to Corsica. People who love big flavors will love this tasting. Cleaver and Co will be providing charcuterie and Bellegarde Bakery will be providing bread. A preview of summer fun in Februrary! South of France! $30. (this will be at the Prytania shop).

Herbed Cheeses / 7:00

Since ancient times cheese makers have been using plants as a way to both flavor and protect cheese. With spring in the air we are looking at the way plants are used in modern cheeses. We will be focusing on herbs and flowers in cheese production and how these plants add to the tastiness of cheeses. Soft fresh cheeses where the herbs take center stage to aged alpines covered in flowers where they add an extra unique flavor. We won’t be using things from one specific region since many countries have developed there own style of cheese with herbs over the centuries. Caleb Gettle will be brining wines from all around the world as well. Bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery as always. $30. (this event will be at the Prytania location).

about our events

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We cannot accommodate last minute additions and walk-ins as we plan seating and food and beverage amounts according to our reservation numbers.

Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate parties larger than 6.

When purchasing tickets, please use the comments section to list friends with whom you would like to sit.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for reservations to receive a refund. We will not issue refunds or credits for ticket purchases for NO SHOWS to the classes.