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Catalunya / 7:00

Catalunya is now associated with the Autonomous Community in Spain with Barcelona as the capital. But the language (Català) and the history go much further. At its hight the Catalan Empire contained the coast of Spain (from Valencia to Barcelona, the Baleric Islands), Andorra, southern France (Roussillon, Languedoc) and Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and many Greek Islands. The Catalans love good food and there has been a resurgence of their culinary history along with a resurgence of national pride. With a vast historical trade network around many coutries the cheeses reflect those inlfuences with mixtures of Spanish, French and Italian styles as well as a few modern inventions, with sheep and goat milk cheese dominating. Noah Boneparte-Pais will be bringing wine from areas around the old empire, with the most famous being Priorat and Cava. Bellegarde Bakery providng bread and Cleaver & Co providing charcuterie. $40

SEP 15

Meauxbar Summer Dinner Series

The talented Chef Kristen Essig will create a menu incorporating some of St. James Cheese Company’s favorite artisan cheeses. This is a meal not to be missed! Full bar and optional beverage pairings available. All seating is communal. Call Meauxbar for reservations at 504.569.9979. $45 (942 N. Rampart St.)

Sonoma County / 7:00

The importance of cheese production in Sonoma County can’t be understated. Long before there was an artisanal cheese movement in the US immigrants from Italy and Spain were already making world class cheeses here and have influenced all or most modern american cheese making since. The first small scale goat farms and hence first produced american goat cheeses came from here, and in the ’80s the revival of artisanal dairy products was said to have started here (Vermont my argue that!). Some of the best producers in the US hail from here and are now recognized as world class. Goat,sheep,cow and buffalo all do well here and the grasslands are wonderful for producing outstanding cheese. Oh, they make wine here too. Wine Guru Beth Reinhard just returned from a “work” trip to Sonoma and Hartford Court Vineyards (they consistantly rate in the 90s in wine spectator) was one of her stops. Beth will be brining their Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, and Old Vine Zins for us to try. All Sonoma cheese and wine, so many good things packed in one small place. Bread by Bellegarde Bakery and Charcuterie by Cleaver & Co. $40

Southern Italy / 7:00

Southern Italy: Abruzzo,Apulia,Campania,Calabria,Molise,Sicily. These areas have been fought over and passed from empire to empire for as long as people have been fighting and building empires. They also ate some good cheese while making those empires. The cheeses from these areas are simple but all delicious and some of the worlds most famous: Provolone, Mozzorella, Burrata, Mozzorella di Bufala, and pecorinos of all manor are from here not to mention the fantastic olives and almonds these area produces. Chris Noyes will be bringing wines of southern Italy, some that have historys that date back to the Greek and Roman Empires. Many American-Italian immigrants came from these areas and this will be a good chance to see some of the original foods that we now have as part of the American diet. Bread by Bellegarde Bakery and charcuterie by Cleaver & Co. $30.

Cheese and Cider (Normandy, Basque Country and Virginia) / 7:00

Many of the northern European areas never really got a full on wine culture, beer usually being the main drink. But in Normandy and the Basque Country Apple Cider rules, and with the profusion of apples in the US cider is sort of the forgotten beverage. With a crispness and great acidity ciders are wonderful food companions, and the flavors of smoke and mushroom and nuts that appear on many ciders can add to any pairing. George Brown of Vino Wholesale just returned from Normandy and will be bringing some of his favorite ciders from there and the Basque Country. The cheeses that are traditionally paired with these ciders are also some of the most famous in France: Livarot,Pont-l’Évêque,Ossau-Iraty and of course Camembert. Michelle Gueydan of Neat Wines is very good friends with owner of Foggy Ridge Cider, Diane Flynt, in Virginia. Foggy Ridge Cider is the first farm winery in the south to focus full-time on growing cider apples and making fine cider. Old-fashioned cider varieties like Ashmead’s Kernel, Newtown Pippin and Harrison are blended with classic English cider apples like Dabinett and Tremlett’s Bitter to create four sparkling ciders and two dessert cider blends of hard cider and apple brandy.Planted in 1998, the orchard includes over 30 varieties of cider apples chosen for the acid,tannin and sugar needed for hard cider making. Diane is also sending some of her heirloom varietal apples so we can taste the diversity of apples that are out there and not just the Red Delicious and Granny Smith we all are familiar with. We will also be featuring some up and coming Virginia cheese makers. Bellegarde Bakery will be baking bread of course and Cleaver & Co providing charcuterie. This will be a very interesting and very fun tasting. $35

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We cannot accommodate last minute additions and walk-ins as we plan seating and food and beverage amounts according to our reservation numbers.

Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate parties larger than 6.

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