Warehouse District
We are now serving breakfast downtown on Saturdays starting at 9am! Come in and see us at 641 Tchoup.

Oh, how we love cheese

St. James Cheese Company New Orleans

To provide our guests with a meticulously selected and unexpectedly diverse assortment of perfectly ripe cheeses, charcuterie, and gourmet grocery items.

How it Works
We know people who know people who know people. Some time ago we figured out that the best way to get the farmhouse cheeses we go crazy for was to find the individuals as enthusiastic about making them as we are about selling them. We’ve built an international network of cheese makers and affineurs who hook us up with the artisan and farmhouse cheeses not found in other shops.

What to Expect
Operating on the premise that cheese should be fun, we try to make each visit to our shop unique and unforgettable. It is a playground for the cheese rookie, the rind-sniffing expert, and the curd curious. These are our people. St James cheesemongers and guests are encouraged to try every cheese, every day, to ensure that each cheese is being offered at its peak.

Who is St James?
St James Cheese Company is a family-run enterprise, and our staff and guests are a part of this family. We are Richard and Danielle Sutton. We’ve pioneered the effort to bring artisanal cheeses to New Orleans since 2006, the year we moved back to a hurricane-ravaged city to open our shop against the well-meaning advice of those who care about our safety and sanity.

Our obsession with cheese spans two continents. The name of our shop — St James — is homage to our roots as well as to our future:

St James
The London neighborhood home to Paxton & Whitfield, the 200-year old shop where Richard and Danielle began their careers in cheese.

St James Infirmary
The ancient London hospital sung about by Louis Armstrong, New Orleans’ most beloved trumpeter.