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South of France (Roussillon,Languedoc,Provence,Corsica) / 7:00

Sun, beaches, fields of lavender, the south of France. Long considered one of the most beautiful spots on the planet it is also recognized as one of the great culinary areas of France. Long over looked in terms of cheese and wine simply because they weren’t available in this country most, Americans had to travel to France to experience the cuisine. Fresh chèvre may be the most famous type of cheese from this area but Roquefort sheep are pastured in this area as well as Laguiole cattle not to mention some of the unique cheeses from Corsica such as Fleur du Maquis. With influences ranging from the Catalans in the east and the Italians in the west there are a wide and intriguing array of wines now available. Most people think of rose and aromatic whites (which we will have plenty of ) but there are some fantastic reds as well. Danny Mullen of Glazer’s Distribution will be providing the wines with Bellegarde Bakery providing bread and Cleaver & Co. providing charcuterie. If you can’t get to the south of France this spring come join us and eat and drink like you did. $30.


Belgian Beer and Cheese at the Windsor Court Grill Room / 7:00

Sommelier John Mitchell was going through the wine cellar at the Grill Room and stumbled across a selection of wonderful Belgian beer. Knowing that we at Saint James are great lovers of beer asked if we would join him in a night of celebrating all things Belgian. Belgian cheeses are best described as a mix of French and German styles but are really something all there own, cheeses washed in beer being a specialty and of course the famous Limburger cheese hails from there. Belgium doesn’t really have a wine industry (except for importing it) and its food culture grew up around beer and the cheese pair wonderfully with them. Cleaver & Co will be providing Belgian charcuterie and Bellegarde Bakery providing bread. This event will be held in the beautiful dinning room of the Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel. For pricing, reservations and all other such important information call The Grill Room at 504-522-1994.

Cheese and Beer Pairing with New Belgium Brewing / 7:00 PM

New Belgium Brewing will be in the shop for American Craft Beer Week with some amazing brews to pair up with our cheeses. We will taste through 5 specifically paired combinations and talk a bit about the beer, a bit about the cheese and a bit about pairing beer and cheese in general. They’re bringing some special release beers like La Folie Sour, Transatlantique Kriek and a brand new Pear Ginger beer that’s part of their Lips of Faith series which should all make for some super interesting combinations. Come find out what this whole beer and cheese thing is all about! $30

Portugal and Western Spain / 7:00

Containing the cold rainy climates of the northern Atlantic to dry arid conditions of the central Iberian Peninsula to the sun of the Mediterranean, This area of the Iberian Peninsula has a vast array of wines, seafood, olives, and cheese production. Unfortunately it is often difficult to get these products in the U.S. particularly from Portugal; as well as people believing the only wines from Portugal and western Spain are port and sherry which is a terrible understatement of what wonderful wines are being produced there, from full reds to light acidic whites Liz Dowty of Vino Wholesale will be bringing some of her favorites. The cheeses from this area are very different from the rest of Europe as they are often made using rennet from flowers and plants (Figs, artichokes and other cardoons) to make the cheese resulting in unique textures and flavors, with sheep and goats milk predominating. Portuguese and Spanish inspired charcuterie will be provided by Cleaver & Co, with bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery. $35

California (wine and cheese of the San Francisco area) / 7:00

Head west young man. Since the mid ’70s California has been one of the lead places (some would say The lead) for artisanal cuisine in the U.S. Some of Americas first artisanal cheese producers came out of there and many of these dairys and cheese makers continue to be a standard of U.S. cheese production and quality. Cheese makers concerned more with quality than quantity helped change and fuel the exceptional cuisine coming from areas around San Francisco, along with the well known wine industry that came from there. Beth Rhinehard will be bringing wines from the Russian River Valley and we will be serving some of the fantastic cheeses from around the San Francisco area. The names of great of dairys and wineries is to long to list but we will have a sampling of fantastic things from this highly productive area. Bread provided by Bellegarde Bakery and charcuterie by Cleaver & Co. by $30

Islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea / 7:00

The Tyrrhenian Sea is off the coast of Italy and is bounded by the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. These 3 islands all have a somewhat similar but vastly unique culture from each other and from their respective mainlands, making for very interesting wine and cheese. Occupied by every Mediterranean power (Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Moors, Catalans, French, Italians) but maintaining their own cultures while assimilating bits and pieces of all, make for some familiar yet different cheese. Being harsh and rugged Islands goat and sheep rule the areas and with mountains producing almost alpine like climate and volcanic soils to seashore and hot inland make for a vast array of pastureland. Chris Noyes of Winebow will be bringing wines from these areas and showcasing some of the unique grape types found only on these islands and variations of Italian mainland varieties. Bellegarde Bakery will be providing bread and Cleaver & Co will be providing island inspired charcuterie. A Tyrrhenian sun soaked tasting. $30

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