Sake and Cheese

One of our most interesting pairings that we do each year is the Sake and Cheese pairing. Sake is something that isn’t really understood in the U.S. and using it as a paring partner for food is even less well understood; the problem with this is that sake is fantastic and comes in so many more varieties than the warm variant you see at Americanized Japanese restaurants. Adding to this is that the Japanese are only very recently bringing dairy products into their cuisine. The food potential of sake though is unlimited, with a wonderful savoriness and each sake having different levels of acidity and yeast and herbaceousness not to mention the variety of natural flora used in the brewing process, sake has a flavor available for any taste. We have found that cheese is a wonderful accompaniment, especially alpine style cheeses. Cheese has been produced in Japan for around 15 years now but the ability (and cost effectiveness) of having it shipped here isn’t ideal. We will be bringing some of our favorite European and American cheeses to go along with our sake. Chris Noyes (who has been studying sake for many years) of Winebow will be presenting the sake for us. Bread will be provided by Bellegarde Bakery and Charcuterie provided by Cleaver & Co. This is always one of our most enjoyable and eye-opening tastings that really shows the potential of sake as a wonderful addition to the American dinner table. $35

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House smoked Mycella blue cheese, top quality roast beef, Worcestershire mayo, tomatoes and lettuce on toasted Wild Flour multigrain bread.



Manchego cheese, arugula, sliced pears and almonds with housemade quince vinaigrette.

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