The French Pickl'er

We can pickle that. Fermentation, without it there is no cheese, bread, charcuterie or the alcohols we love to drink, not to mention great pickled preserves. The French Pickl’er will be on hand to take us through a tasting menu featuring their products! They will also give a demo on how to pickled eggs and make kimchi. They will be utilizing items from Saint James Cheese, Cleaver & Co, Bellegarde Bakery. You may have seen the Pickl’er around at the farmers markets and Hollygrove market, and also on our shelves. Kelle and Dan worked under Adolfo Garcia at A Mano resturant and hatched the plan that would become the French Pickl’er. They started off by getting their pickles onto the menu and shelves at Avenue Cafe on St. Charles and in the three years since, have been popping up all over the city. French Pickl’er is about the preservation of fruits and vegetables in order to extend the shelf life of nature’s freshest flavors possible. We will have a range of drinks to try and cover all the fermentation bases: coctails, sake, beer, cider and wine. This is going to be a tasting with some fantastic stuff from the French Pickl’er not to be missed! $35

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