Charcuterie #3: It's All Fowl {Uptown Location}

When most people hear the word Charcuterie the pig and all things porkish usually pop into people’s minds first, but the feathered world has some wonderful offerings as well. If that sounds odd just think of confit chicken and duck legs or various pate’s not to mention foie gras. People have been making cured meat from chicken, duck, quail, goose for as long as the venerable pig has been used. Charcutier Becky Mumaw will be leading us through various fowl charcuterie that she produces here at Saint James, some of the posslible products she may be bringing are duck pastrami, confit chicken, various fowl liver mousses, various fowl pickled eggs, and such fowl offal parts as hearts, livers and gizzards. We will have some snacks of cheese (of course) and bread will be provided by Bellegarde Bakery, and wine parings. Come have a wonderfully fowl evening with us. $35.
Uptown location:
5004 Prytania

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We're located in beautiful Uptown, New Orleans. We have a new location opening at 641 Tchoupitoulas soon!



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