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One of the great things about the revival of American artisan food ways is that it has given us the freedom from tradition that often hampers new style development in Europe, giving Americans the ability to come up with truely new things. Growing out of Old World traditions America is now realizing the potental of its vast and varied regions. We will be celebrating some of these lovely regions as pertains to the cheese and wine world. We will be looking at cheese from the East Coast and Beth Reinhard will be bringing wines from the West Coast while our Charcutier Becky Mumaw will be making syles of charcuterie from the Middle. This will be in a new format using fewer cheeses and multiple wines with each cheese to really expore the pairing potential of the cheese with different wines. This format will be more formal with more information. Bellegarde Bakery will provide bread. $35.
Warehouse District
641 Tchoupitoulas

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Warehouse District

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