Alto Adige/Südtirol Italy with Tramin Wines (Sold Out)

The Aldo Adige is a unique area in Italy. The northern most region of Italy often called the Südtirol, it is an area that is mainly Germanic in it’s ancestry. The cheeses reflect this in being very similar to the styles of cheese produced in the alps around Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. All this makes for an interesting mix of what people consider traditionaly Italic and what people consider traditionaly Germanic with culinary traditions leaning towards the heavier styles of the north of Europe. Chis Noyes of Winebow will be bringing wines from the winery Tramin, among the northernmost vineyards in Italy, the 620 acres that provide grapes for the Tramin winery are located in Alto Adige, better known to its mostly German-speaking inhabitants as the Südtirol. These vines grow in an exquisite, high-walled glacial valley that protects them from the northern cold and traps the sun’s warmth. The winery itself is located on the Wine Route (Strada di Vino/Weinstrasse) in the commune of Termeno — or Tramin in German — a few miles south of the provincial capital Bolzano (Bozen) and 60 miles from the Austrian border. Approximately 37 acres of Tramin’s vineyards are currently cultivated using organic and biodynamic principles. A very unique and fascinating part of Italy with light refreshing wines and stunning cheeses. Charcuterie by Cleaver & Co, and bread by Bellegarde Bakery. (Sold Out)

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House smoked Mycella blue cheese, top quality roast beef, Worcestershire mayo, tomatoes and lettuce on toasted Wild Flour multigrain bread.



Manchego cheese, arugula, sliced pears and almonds with housemade quince vinaigrette.

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