**SOLD OUT**Chocolate and Cheese: Featuring Acalli Chocolate {UPTOWN}

We are proud to team-up with local New Orleans Chocolatier Acalli to explore the heavenly combination of chocolate and cheese (and beverage, as always). Carol Morse, founder of Acalli will be a guest speaker, in addition to bringing her lovely West Bank confections, she will regale us with tales of a thoughtful bean-to-bar chocolate producer. From the Acalli website:

“The name Acalli (ah-CALL-ee) means “canoe” in Nahuatl, the same language that gave us the word “chocolate.”
Great chocolate is a collaborative effort between cacao growers and chocolate makers, and in that spirit our goal is to make bars that faithfully represent the work our partners do at origin. The flavors in our chocolate are not just the result of careful roasting and conching; they also represent careful attention during cultivation, harvest, and especially fermentation and drying. We hope that by highlighting the communities and cooperatives we work with and showcasing the flavors in their cacao, we can bring a little more recognition home to cacao growers themselves.”

Come join us!

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