NOLA Hops & Cheese {UPTOWN}

New Orleans’ hot climate may not be conducive to cheesemaking but the brew scene here is blowing up! Beer, often referred to as ‘liquid bread’, is an amazing cheese beverage pairing – some say even better than wine. This class will highlight 5 different local beers by pairing them with delicious cheeses that make them shine (and vice versa). Join us as we crack open some spectacular bottles of local brew and answer all of your burning beer and cheese questions!

St. James Cheese Company Uptown
5004 Prytania Street

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We're located in beautiful Uptown, New Orleans. We have a new location opening at 641 Tchoupitoulas soon!



5004 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-4737
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Warehouse District

641 Tchoupitoulas
New Orleans, LA.
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